What Lions Say About Larry 



PDG William 'Bill' Windham, District 4-L5:

 In considering a candidate that will benefit MD-4 as International Director, I believe that a Director has to be able to work as a team player.  PCC Larry is such a person and has the "team" skills and experience necessary to do the job immediately.  PCC Larry is the best person in my opinion, in that he has an extensive working knowledge of what is happening within our Multiple and knows how to apply those skills on the international level.  As a Director, PCC Larry would have the experience to hit the ground running.  he has business background on the international level and would only be an asset for our Multiple.  Lastly and perhaps more importantly, PCC Larry has a heart of Lion and for service.  I heartily endorse Lion PCC Larry Dicus for International Director.


 PID Bill Crawford:

. . . I have had the pleasure for the past twenty-one (21) years of working very closely with more than three hundred (300) Governors, and closely observing the work of twenty-one (21) Council Chairpersons.  I can assure you the CC Larry is a top leader who will make our L-2 Lions very proud they sent him to represent them.

Each of you must make your own decision about what you want in a leader. What are the qualities you are looking for?  If you are looking for someone with great vision, good communication skills, warmth, and a personal demeanor that strives to avoid and/or resolve conflict - this is your candidate!

Without a doubt CC larry meets not only the minimal requirements, he has prepared himself well for the office of International Director, and is well qualified for the position.  We all owe a duty to send the very best quality to represent usin the high office.

 PDG Judy Schnitzer - District 4-L4:

It is my pleasure to endorse you for International Director.  Serving on the same council with you, I saw firsthand your abilities and leadership skills one needs to serve the Lions of the world.  You most certainly have the experience, knowledge and dedication to serve on our Association's Board.  You have definitely earned my respect. 



PDG Dan Agari - District 4-A1

There are four outstanding candidates for International Director this year.  After considering each candidate, Larry stands head and shoulders above the rest because of his business knowledge and leadership skills.  We need Larry to represent MD4 Lions to show the rest of the World that we are one of the best Multiple Districts in the world!



 Lion Ron Raines, Webmaster for MD4:

As always, there are many fine lions in our multiple district who would make great International Directors.  One such lion is Larry Dicus, whom I have decided to support for nomination from California this year.  As MD4 Webmaster, I have worked closely with Larry to improve the use of technology, as one of our tools to strengthen Lionism in California.  I would like to see the International strive to make technology our friend, not the enemy.  Too often the average Lion feels that using technology is burdensome, difficult, and just not worth the effort.  We need someone with Larry's knowledge and skills to speak for us on the International Board.  The International website should be easy to use.  Club secretaries should not need a translator or a college degree to accomplish their important tasks online.  Larry listens to people and keeps the ball rolling.  He is excellent at sharing his ideas and encourages input from others.  He knows we are all "volunteers" and I have always "felt motivated" after discussing our plans for one of the many new ideas which we implemented during his tenure as MD4 Council Chair. 

Lion Alberto Montes de Oca, Region Chair, District 4-L2:

I have been very fortunate to serve with Larry in the District 4-L2 Lions since 1996.  During those years Larry has held several positions in the District, from Club President to Council Chair for MD4.  His commitment to Lionism can be seen through the work he has done for the District, such as implementing the use of technology, building new clubs, and increasing overall membership.  He exemplifies all the qualities that Lionism stands for: integrity, commitment, leadership, and as such I believe Larry will make a fantastic International Director.


PDG Ed Sallee, District 4-L2:

PCC Larry:

One of the reasons that I have endorsed you is during the year you were Governor you started the District moving ahead.  You also helped the smaller clubs move in the right direction.  As Council Chairman you helped bring back some of the connection of the average Lion and the Multiple District.  In my opinion you are the most qualified to be our next International Director. 

PID Warren Greene: 

. . . Your personal skills, your business sense, your familiarity, already, with international business ---- and your service to Lions clubs as District Governor and as Council Chairman ---- enhance your qualifications.  It is with great confidence that I endorse you and wish you well at all levels necessary to win the ultimate endorsement of your candidacy for International Director.

PCT of 4-L2 Lion Ron Copley:

I have worked with Larry on many projects over many years.  I can tell you that he is a very dedicated Lion in all aspects of Lionism.  We have worked together on Club Projects, District Projects, forming new Clubs and Lion Training.  He is an outstanding leader, knows how to get things done, is honest and has a high degree of integrity.  I was his District Treasurer when he was District Governor and I can assure you that Larry understands financial statements, budgets and all aspects of making sound financial decisions.  Larry and Jane Dicus are the persons we need to represent us on our International Lions Board of Directors and carry us forward. 

Lion David Williamson:

I have worked with PDG Larry in Lions 4-L2 for many years now.  His word is his bond, his leadership is direct, his ability to motivate and coordinate matters within Lions Clubs and districts always obtain the desired results.  A GREAT Brother LION. 


PDG Julie Crawford, District 4-L6:

The most qualified for the job is Larry.  He and Jane will represent MD4 with class, intelligence and hard work!

Lion Jim Palminteri, Membership Chair, District 4-L2:

It is my pleasure to write about Larry.  Over the last five years, Larry has been a strong leader with our club and our district promoting membership.  As a District Governor, he rolled up his sleeves and worked side-by-side with his cabinet officers to start new clubs and revitalize older clubs to "move to grow."  We all know that membership is the keystone to our organization!

Larry has always been encouraging, appreciative, and respectful of his cabinet member's time.  As MERL chair, anytime I encountered a problem, one call to Larry would yield a solution, a recommendation, or even just a friendly word of encouragement.  He always follows up and never blames a technology malfunction for a lack of communication.  The dog never eats his email! His computer and phone always work!

Larry pioneered our ALERT Program.  The 4-L2 District had over twenty Lions participate in the training.  Lions have been and will continue to be first on-the-line helping their communities during a disaster.  Larry helped to get the ball rolling to insure that we have the most up-to-date training available.